Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Through Your Business

When we strive to raise awareness about a disease, we typically strive to increase awareness of three things. First, the scientific aspect of the disease, including rate of incidence, risk factors and best treatments; the physiological aspect of the disease, including what patients can expect and how they can cope with different outcomes; and third, the aftereffects of the disease, particularly what can be done to support those in remission as they try to resume a normal lifestyle.

Almost every disease has an awareness campaign that focuses on drawing public sympathy and support, but cancer awareness has proliferated almost every avenue of publicity, and with good reason. After lung cancer, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer death in the world and comprises 10.4 percent of all cancer cases, 7 percent of cancer deaths and 1 percent of all deaths. However, unlike lung cancer with its terribly low survival rate, the majority of cancer sufferers can expect to achieve remission and often expect to remain in remission for a decade or longer, which means that, in terms of support, breast cancer awareness is as much for the benefit of those in remission as it is for those in treatment.

The opportunity to spread breast cancer awareness comes in a variety of forms, the most visible being cancer marches where breast cancer patients, breast cancer survivors and a host of community minded citizens walk down public streets while receiving ample news coverage. But what can you do if you operate a business that’s looking for an effective way to spread cancer awareness? Well, you could close up business for a day and sponsor an awareness march, but if that isn’t an option, then you have to find a way to spread awareness through your everyday business practices.

Almost every thriving business has a store of pens, mouse pads, notepads and various forms of stationary that contain its logo and company information; items that are commonly given away to customers as both a reward for their business and as a way to remind them of the business’s presence. And just as such items contain business imprints, they can also indicate breast cancer awareness. Passing out ink pens, small staplers, key chains, etc. that contain the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and your business logo is great way to promote your company and one of its community minded ideals at the same time.

Everyday objects such as writing utensils, key chains, mouse pads and notepads are great way to keep people informed of breast cancer awareness due to their daily use. But they can also have a positive, synergistic effect on your business. In an age of increasing environmental and social awareness, customers are looking to support businesses that support the larger community and environment. By supporting breast cancer awareness through company giveaway products, your customers will see that your business is offering more than lip service to cancer awareness and the well being of the community.

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